The service has functionality to manage and parcel out the information to be exchanged between the different people involved in the alerts.

Inside the alerts, you'll find a tabbed area. These allow you to split annotations, comments and files into alerts.

You can parcel out in three areas:

  • Everyone: the complainant and all the people with the recipient user role associated with the context where the complaint is linked have visibility:
    • whistleblower
    • Recipient user persons (belonging to the same context)
  • Recipients only: only the people with the recipient user role associated with the context where the complaint is linked.
  • Only me: it is a note visible only to the person making it.

This functionality allows the recipient user to incorporate additional information in the management of these complaints, so that only he or she can see it, or share it within the set of recipients, or that all the above and the alerting person have access .

The operation of the different information tabs in complaints is defined below with the corresponding view by roles and the steps to add a comment are indicated:

1. Access the list of complaints.

2. Click on the complaint where you want to add the comment. By accessing it, you can directly edit the complaint by adding notes to the tabs.

list of complaints.png

Once inside, go to the area displayed by default called Attachments:


There are 3 information tabs and each has a visibility.

3. Add the comment to be sent to each of the previously mentioned tabs with the corresponding visibility.

4. Files can be uploaded as attachments. (Optional).

option upload attachments.png

5. Once you have reviewed the comment and possible file(s) attached, click Send.

This is the result and the view of the comment in the corresponding tab made which is divided by role in the tabs with the corresponding associated visibility, as shown in the following screenshots:

  • All:

tab all.png

  •  Recipients only:

desinataris tab.png only

  • Just me:

just me tab.png