In the management of recipients we find an option called: Give this user the ability to access complaints.

This option enables the recipient to grant or deny access to the complaint of another recipient.

When the recipient accesses the complaint, they have two buttons with the options to grant or revoke access:

Grant access : this button, found within each report, allows access to another recipient of this report. This new recipient person can be from any Context.

Revoke access : this button, found in each complaint, allows you to revoke access to a recipient who already has it.

In both cases, accessing or revoking access, a magnifying glass will be displayed that facilitates the search of the recipients to grant or revoke the access in question.

In the management of recipients we also find an option called: Give this user the ability to transfer complaints to other users

This setting enables the receiving person to transfer a complaint to another receiving person.

The button that allows this type of operation is called "Transfer access"

The steps to follow to transfer a complaint start with the selection of the complaint, and within it, the transfer button, where a new window will open to search for the person to whom we want to transfer the complaint.

The recipient who transfers the complaint, as a consequence, ceases to have access to it. It will appear to him in a lighter color (signal that he had it, but now he can no longer access it).